How MyHappyStreet Works…

Clicking Your Mouse Earns Money for Prizes! There’s NO CATCH!

Yes – that’s right! Every time you click on an advert on our website that appeals to you we get paid, and we use this money to give away in the “cashpot” prize. In short, all adverts and offers featured on MyHappyStreet pay for prizes. It’s similar to how advertising on the internet works and it’s completely free of charge!

It Costs You Nothing – it’s 100% Free!

Playing on MyHappyStreet costs you nothing. All you do is register your residential address. We select one street (road, cul-de-sac, avenue, close etc.) from our registered user database. If it’s your street, you win! It’s that easy and it’s completely free. We never ask you for money, card details or bank details so it’s guaranteed safe and secure. The only payment method we use is PayPal so as long as you have a verified account, live in the UK (including Northern Ireland) and have a postal address, you can take part. You must be over 18 to join the site.

Want to Play? Here’s what you need…

You just need to live on a named street (or road, cul-de-sac, avenue, close etc.) in the UK . That’s all! If you do live on a named street then let’s get you started…click here to get going and register or check to see if your street is a winning one.

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