The MyHappyStreet Rules

There are rules. We want to always maintain a just system for all MyHappyStreet members and our rules are there to govern fairly. Any member that is believed to be breaking the MyHappyStreet rules will be immediately disqualified from any current reviews or future reviews..

Age and Limitations

You must be aged over 18 years old to play MyHappyStreet. If you are under the age of 18, please ask an adult to play on your behalf. The "user" must be a UK resident with a fixed UK (including Northern Ireland) address and a valid PayPal email address. For more information, please see the starred * section below.

Entering your street on MyHappyStreet

In order to enter your street on MyHappyStreet you must register. To do so, you need to enter your first and last name and an "email address" onto our website. Once you've set those up, you need to register your UK street name. Participants can only use one street name and one registered email address. That means multiple entries will be disallowed and removed from the MyHappyStreet website.

It Costs You Zero - Apart from a few minutes of your time

The amount we pay for a review is completely free of charge and costs you nothing. At 12pm every day, all street names are placed into a computerised HappyStreet generator and a random street is selected by the system. Only Happystreets that have been registered by players can be selected, and that means there is always one eligible reviewer. guaranteed. Any reviewer who fails to collect their prize during the designated timeframe forfeits their reward. The cash pot then rolls over to the next draw. If you need to update or change your personal details, you can email l subject to security checks.

*Please note that a valid PayPal email address linked to the user's PayPal account is required in order to receive payment - if the street name matches successfully. If you don't have a valid PayPal email address, we will send you an Amazon E-Voucher instead. We do not do bank transfers and will not ask for your banking details at any stage.

Claiming the Daily "CashPot"

The daily prize for reviews is known as the "CashPot" and a "successful" user who completes a review will receive the daily "CashPot" value at the time of the draw.

Unclaimed "CashPot"

Users must register their Happystreet before the draw has taken place and that is at Midday daily. Only those Happystreets registered are eligible to claim. Any Happysteets registered after the Midday draw cannot be used for that day's draw and instead, will be carried forward to the subsequent draw. "CashPot" Reviewers will have until 11.59 am the following day to claim their money. Any unclaimed reviews will roll over to the next “CashPot” draw and continue until a claim has been made. The daily “CashPot” reviewer who has claimed their money will be notified via email, subject to security and PayPal checks. All final money decisions are at the management discretion and must follow standard security checks. If there is more than one reviewer – that "Cashpot" will be divided equally amongst the "cashpot" reviewers that claim. Reviewers will have their names posted on the draw history pages on the MyHappyStreet website, the link is as follows: If this page should fail or your daily draw reminder emails are otherwise absent, we at MyHappyStreet are not liable for any missed money.

Your Personal Details

Note that MyHappyStreet will only ask for your valid PayPal email address in order to pay you your money. We never ask for your PayPal address details unless you are a reviewer and neither will we ever share your personal details with any third party lists or databases. Please note that use of offensive name, as well as use of company email addresses, for example, or will be queried and subject to removal from our database if they are seen to be offensive in any way. With this in mind, It is best advised not to use any type of email address of this type.

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