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At MYHAPPYSTREET all you need is a STREET NAME! If your street is selected, simply review your street and receive payment for your opinion. We do not sell your data. It is FREE to enter and we NEVER ask for money from you.

Total: £10,645

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Total: £10,645

100% of our site revenue is given away to fight COVID-19

This is not a scam and we do not ask you for any money - We are a UK company and registered with the ICO - Doctors and Nurses are putting themselves on the frontline. We are giving away 100% of the revenue we make.

We are donating 100% of the revenue generated from our site to frontline personnel to show our support while the Coronavirus is having a significant impact on people.

How It Works?


We get paid to have surveys done and give you the money from this. We always give the money and if not claimed add to next review.


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It takes less than a minute and is very easy. We do not sell your data to anyone. You get an email from us - no one else.



At 12pm streets are randomly chosen from users' streets and if it is yours, you write a very short review to get rewarded.


There is not one!!

It is this simple - if your street is selected write a short review and receive. No catch, no data sales, not spam, no trap. We are signed up and regulated by the ICO in the UK.

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